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White House Press Release

Press Release: Bills Signed: H.R. 366, H.R. 1226

On Monday, November 13, 2023, the President signed into law:
H.R. 366, the “Korean American Vietnam Allies Long Overdue for Relief Act” or the “Korean American VALOR Act,” which extends eligibility for certain VA health care and benefits to specified members of the armed forces of the Republic of Korea; and

Thank you to Representatives Takano and Bost, and Senators Braun and Hirono, for their leadership.
H.R. 1226, the ” Wounded Warrior Access Act,” which provides veterans with electronic access to certain information from their personal file.

Thank you to Representatives Aguilar, Takano, and Bost, and Senators Padilla and Braun, for their leadership.

The Korean American Veterans of the Vietnam War mission is seeking recognition for the service of Korean American veterans of the Vietnam War at a federal level, which would allow us to better serve our community through volunteering efforts. We provide advice and assistance to veterans and their families and to provide quality care to aging veterans and their widows.


Korean American Veterans of the Vietnam War at a Glance

  • Korean Veterans of the Vietnam War served honorably throughout the conflict, fighting courageously alongside the United States Armed Forces and often making the ultimate sacrifice, with many later becoming United States Citizens.

  • Soldiers from the Republic of Korea were sent to the Vietnam War to support the United States Armed Forces and the cause of freedom at the request of the United States.

  • 325,517 Korean soldiers served in Vietnam from 1964 until the last soldier left Saigon (now, Ho Chi Minh City) on March 23, 1973, making Korean soldiers the second largest contingent of troops sent by allies of the United States.

  • 5099 Korean soldiers were killed and 10,962 Korean soldiers were injured, many in defense of United States friends and allies.

  • There is approximately about 3,000 Korean American who served in the Vietnam War currently living in the United State. Their geographic distributions in the United States are as following:

NY-NJ = 650, Washington D.C.-- MD = 600, CA – LA = 700, North West America =650, PA – NE of American = 400

IRS: Section 501 © (3) 81-54448705 Korean American Veterans of the Vietnam War Incorporation (KAVV) the ability to register as a war veteran at a federal level would allow us to volunteer and help our community.

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What we do

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

The mission of the Korean American Veterans of the Vietnam War is to receive recognition from the U.S. Government at the federal level, akin to the acknowledgment bestowed upon American soldiers who fought during the Vietnam War. Additionally, we aim to offer guidance and support to veterans and their families, ensuring the provision of quality care for aging veterans and their widows. This commitment extends particularly to solitary life veterans, war widows, and bereaved families. Furthermore, we strive to aid and assist individuals of minority races with special interests, facilitating permanent residents in obtaining citizenship rights and subsequently exercising their voting power.

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"They fought together as brothers-in-arms. They died together and now they sleep side by side to them. We have a solemn obligation -

Admiral Chester W. Nimitz

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Contact Korean American Veterans of the Vietnam War

Augustine Ha - President 

(267) 616-8899


5210 Centennial Station, 

Warminster, PA 18974-5478

David Kim - Director (Interpreter/Translation) 

(215) 346-6838

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Fellow Leaders

Senior Advisor: MG(h) Joe Potter, USNDC (retired) 

President: Dong Han (Augustine) Ha

Director: Too sung Kim, Ki Joong Kang

Vice President: Young Shin Kang

Secretary-General: Jae Hyun Song

Officer: Sam Bung Chun

Officer: Joo Moon Kim

Officer: Sang Wook Choi

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