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United States Senate


July 24, 2015



Good Afternoon Mr. Dong Han Ha,



Dear Friend,


Thank you for contacting me about supporting Korean American Veterans. I appreciate hearing

from you.


As you know, Pennsylvania has one of the largest populations of Veterans in the country. In light

of their tremendous sacrifices, our nation owes them a debt of gratitude and must uphold its

commitments. Although our nation faces tough fiscal times, I understand how important it is that

we continue to provide quality medical care and other benefits to all Veterans, both to those who

served a  generation ago and to those just returning from fighting in the war against terrorism.


Since joining the Senate, I have been working to help Pennsylvania's Veterans obtain the services

and benefits they rightfully deserve and welcome the opportunity to be of assistance. I also look

forward to working with my Senate colleagues on additional ways to help ensure the welfare of

our Veterans and their families. Please be assured that I welcome and value your input on this

important issue.


Thank you again for your correspondence. Please feel free to contact me in the future if I can be

of any assistance.







Pat Toomey



Proclamation by US Senator Pat Toomey

Whereas, The United States holds as its highest ideals freedom, democracy, and self-determination and strives to spread these ideals to every man, woman, and child on earth: and

Whereas, The United States entered the Vietnam War to prevent a Communist takeover of our friends in South Vietnam and more than three million American troops fought bravely in the cause of freedom and democracy: and


Whereas, The American soldier strives to be a symbol of freedom, democracy, and kindness around the world: and

Whereas, Korean soldiers were sent to the Vietnam War to support American troops and the cause of freedom at the request of the United States: and

Whereas, Korean troops were known throughout the conflict for their effectiveness and fought alongside American troops in all areas of the theater: and

Whereas, The citizens of the United States of America owe their appreciation to all Veterans who have fought for our liberty, many paying the ultimate sacrifice; and

Whereas, Korean Veterans of the Vietnam War are especially dedicated to the ideals of freedom and democracy:

Now, therefore, I, United States Senator Pat Toomey proudly recognize the Korean Veterans of the Vietnam War for their service to the American people and the citizens of Pennsylvania, and all American Veterans who fought in the
Vietnam War.

Pat Toomey

July 16, 2013

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